Friday, 27 August 2010

Natural hair care crush: Drew Barrymore

Natural hair care crush: Drew Barrymore
Posted by Tony Milner

Drew Barrymore has been working the red carpet of late, promoting her new flick, Going the Distance, but according to one beauty expert, her varying natural hair care styles are causing more of a stir.

Amy Lawrenson, writing for Elle, has explained that while beauty commentators can be fickle when it comes to natural hair care crushes, Drew Barrymore is definitely worthy of praise.

'The effortlessly edgy, look-like-they've-grown-out roots and the flowing lengths have made her hair the most covetable on the celebrity circuit,' she asserted.

Ms Lawrenson goes on to explain that the star's beachy texture and plaits has had a big impact, whilst in contrast, her silky-blow dry paired with creamy makeup was also a hit.

It's official – the actress is a natural hair care chameleon, and if you're fancying one of her looks for yourself, the main staple is to loosely tong sections and to plait a few strands.

Undoubtedly, as you near winter, your hair might take a beating from the harsh weather, and if you've got long locks like Drew, celebrity hairdresser John Chapman has suggested using a weekly treatment to keep it in check.

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