Friday, 6 August 2010

Natural skin care: Avoid wrinkles and ageing

Natural skin care: Avoid wrinkles and ageing
Posted by Tony Milner

Women looking to defy the ageing process with natural skin care have been offered some tips on how to update their routine to combat wrinkles.

David Mittleman, writing for the Injury Board blog, said the first step should be to wash your face every night, as the bacteria left on your face overnight can cause serious skin problems.

We should also be using UV protection on top of our natural skin care products, ideally SPF 30 or above, and when it comes to creams and moisturisers he suggested using retinoid enhanced products.

'Nothing can age your skin quicker than too much stress. In fact, emotional upheavals can age your skin five years past your chronological age,' he added, urging women to relax a little more.

Mr Mittleman's final three tips were to update your natural skin care routine every six to 12 months to prevent the body adapting to the products, eat omega 3 found in salmon, flaxseed and almonds and to exercise regularly.

Women were recently told by Vivian Diller, a psychologist writing for the Huffington Post, to use natural skin care and makeup as a confidence booster, using it to enhance their favourite features.ADNFCR-2885-ID-19921019-ADNFCR

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