Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Natural skin care: Consistency is key

Natural skin care: Consistency is key
Posted by Tony Milner

Women have been told that sometimes it is not about buying expensive products in a bid to battle ageing, but about maintaining a regular natural skin care routine.

Joyce Orena, writing for the Philippine Star, has explained that the best way to achieve a natural skin care look that glows is to create a routine that fits in with your lifestyle and stick to it.

'I cannot stress enough that consistency is key. No matter how expensive your skin care line is, it is useless without it. It is the best-kept secret to beauty, more than any specific product,' she asserted. 

Ms Orena added that on the runways , healthy and glowing faces are dominating, emphasised with honey, toffee and caramels. 

With regards to hair, natural skin care fans have been told that now is the time to look after it, as the cold harsh weather approaches, and according to celebrity hairdresser John Chapman who spoke to, weekly treatments are the best way to achieve this.

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