Monday, 9 August 2010

Natural skin care: Pale is officially in

Natural skin care: Pale is officially in
Posted by Felicia Cardinal

For those of you who adore your fake tan and sunbeds and see them as part of your 'natural' skin care routine, bad news on the fashion front – tanning is officially out and pale and interesting is in.

Grazia's beauty director, Annabel Jones explained that it is no longer cool to look as though you've just jetted back from a hot desert island, but the focus is now on looking as though you've had a good night's sleep.

"A too-orange tan that clings to dry patches on ankles and knees – think Lindsay Lohan – has become a badge of poor taste. Not for the chic, edgy starlets of today," she added.

Heat editor Sam Delaney agreed, stating: "Katy Perry has been rocking a faintly gothy look, and Daisy Lowe is a great example of how 'pale and interesting' is back in again."

So when it comes to the natural skin care routine, when you feel like reaching for the fake tan bottle, instead reach for the primer and revel in the Snow White look.

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