Monday, 2 August 2010

Natural skin care products: Is bee venom the new Botox?

Natural skin care: Is bee venom the new Botox?
Posted by Tony Milner

The latest of the natural skin care products that can leave you looking as though you've just had Botox is bee venom, according to a beauty commentator.

An article on Total Beauty has highlighted this new natural skin care trend that has reportedly been used by Camilla Parker Bowles and involves the venom being extracted from honey bees' stings.

Beautician Deborah Mitchell, who runs the Heaven salon in Shropshire and regularly carries out treatments on The Duchess of Cornwall and Dannii Minogue, said the treatment is proving exceedingly popular and there is now a waiting list.

'It keeps skin firm and youthful and is not at all painful - there is just a slight tingle as the blood supply and nutrients flow into the skin tissues,' she explained of the organic Bee Venom Mask.

Rose has been tipped to have powerful anti-ageing properties by Camille Goutal, the daughter of world-renowned French perfumer Annick Goutal, who spoke to Stylist.


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