Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Natural skin care: Rose effective for anti ageing

Natural skin care: Rose effective for anti ageing
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Tony Milner

Rose is a natural skin care product that could signify many benefits to women, according to an industry expert.

Camille Goutal, the daughter of world-renowned French perfumer Annick Goutal, spoke to Stylist about why we should be turning to the red flowers for better-looking skin and the feel-good factor.

'We've always known rose extracts are therapeutic – they have a 1,000 year-plus history for a start,' she said, adding that her mother used roses for fragrance, rose oil in her bath and rose serum on her face.

Miss Goutal continued, stating that scientists have found face creams containing rose oils have been proven to reduce wrinkles and improve skin brightness, whereas other studies have found it to be great for stressed-out skin.

English ivy was recently found to have properties suitable for natural skin care use in the sun – as it soaks up light effectively and may solve the previous issues with other sunscreens containing metal-based particles.

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