Friday, 10 September 2010

Natural hair care trends: The high ponytail

Natural hair care trends: The high ponytail
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Tony Milner

If you're looking for a way to get on trend with minimal effort, then consider testing out the ultra high ponytail, which is set to be a big autumn natural hair care favourite. 

New York Fashion has reported on this style, which consists of hair placed high on top of the head in a bobble with around half of the ponytail wrapped around the bobble giving the height. 

The majority of the models who sported this look at recent catwalk shows had the ponytail pulled forward resting across the forehead, but for a less 'out there' style, hanging loosely at the back would look just as good. 

'Many of the models at the Concept Korea Spring 2011 show at Lincoln Center also rocked sky-scraping ponytails, albeit ones that were a bit sleeker and more Madonna-circa-Blond Ambition than whacked-out Neanderthal girl,' the writer asserted. 

If you're more interested in your natural hair care colours, then blondes should consider the camel tones and brunettes the tonal style of Olivia Palermo.

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