Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Natural haircare is all about the pony

Natural haircare is all about the pony
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Tony Milner

Now that everyone is aware that spring's autumn natural hair care is about the bun, all eyes are on this season and what could be the newest trend. 

According to Georgia Collins, from Elle UK, the ponytail has finally made it back after a 'notable absence', but now it's here in force and the likes of Luis Vuitton, Stella McCartney and Preen have all welcomed it with open arms. 

Whether you go for the natural hair care styles of bouncy and free flowing, or the elegant twist at the nape, any take on this trend is on the money, however House of Holland's bandana-esque version may be a little harder to recreate. 

'At Michael Kors texture was turned on its head with wispy frothy ponies the order of the day, the perfect style for a windswept day when paired with ruddy pink cheeks,' the natural hair care expert asserted. 

This seems like a toned-down variation of the extra high pony, which was recently praised by New York Fashion.