Thursday, 9 September 2010

Natural makeup 'should be ageless'

Natural makeup
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Felicia Cardinal

Women have been told that if they are looking for ageless natural makeup, they need to review their choices every so often. 

Kate Shapland, writing for the Daily Telegraph, has explained that as you age, a review is important and at that stage your choices should come individual to you rather than following every trend that hits the catwalk. 

'To get the most out of makeup, you must review it - and regularly after 45, when a face starts to lose its early clarity, and what you have been doing for years suddenly doesn't work so well,' she stated. 

For those ladies who want skin as soft and glowing as Gemma Arterton at her recent Tamara Drewe premiere, the top natural makeup product recommended was primer rather than foundation, which is described as a 'magic veil' that transforms skin instantly. 

Ms Shapland also suggested opting for a lip colour that has reduced pigmentation, as too much could age the face.

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