Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Natural makeup 'far from picture perfect'

Natural makeup
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Annie Coyne

Autumn's natural makeup is all about the superblend, according to one beauty commentator. 

This premise applies to the eyes, and if you're used to picture-perfect eyeliner, then think again, because according to the Allure blog, the super-smoked-out look is in. 

One theme that is set to stay put for autumn is colour – summer saw Pat McGrath create some natural makeup genius – and bold shades such as lavender, moody grey and fuchsia are going nowhere. 

'Douse your lids with colour, line your lashes – top and bottom – with another shade and smudge with a cotton swab, then blend them with a domed brush. Pure sex kitten,' the blog recommended. 

Whilst lip shapes are destined to be pretty with petal-like finishes, the shades are more bold and daring – whether tangerine orange or bright fuchsia – colour is a definite natural makeup must-have.

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