Thursday, 9 September 2010

Natural makeup tips: Wearing blue eyeshadow

Natural makeup tips: Wearing blue eyeshadow
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Maggie Morley

Natural makeup fans have long shied away from blue eyeshadow, but thanks to Leighton Meester it may be getting a revamp. 

The Hollywood Life blog has reported on the Gossip Girl's look at a recent red carpet event and explained that the star, sporting blue, literally blew everyone away with her natural makeup

Her eyelid was lined with blue eye shadow, with heavily lacquered lashes and peach and pink cheeks and lips and the overall result was a definite hit with the news provider. 

'You might be a little afraid of blue eye shadow but really, don't be! It's come a long way since the frosted nightmare of the 70's and 80's and it can really make both brown and blue eyes really pop,' the writer asserted. 

Whilst blue might be a shade to dabble with occasionally, but still treat with caution, at the other end of the scale is A/W 2010's latest shades, which is orange and luckily for us, is versatile enough to be worn on the eyes, lips and cheeks.

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